After Hours Imagery


I know it can feel like having your picture taking is akin to going to the dentist and I also know that the bodies we typically see represented as sexy, powerful, and worthy rarely represent us - but that is EXACTLY why I wanted to create an epic experience that would leave you feeling confident, strong, magical, and like the damn bad ass you are. I am beyond excited that you are even considering trusting me with these fears, concerns, and vulnerabilities and I promise you I don't take that honor lightly. It is my pleasure to provide you a safe space and beautiful imagery to explore what it means to be YOU, a woman who is worthy of a self love experience. I have built my "Empowerment Empire" to be a safe inclusive space for humans of all genders to explore their bodies and souls and have photographic evidence of their power & confidence! Be prepared for an amazing experience featuring some self love therapy & incredible imagery of yourself.
Women's intimate portraiture has long been an interest of mine. In art school, I was taught how to treat and appreciate the human form, how to use light and shadow to create depth, and how to add emotion from the gestures of the body. Now I strive to implement these same techniques into my photography.

Struggling with body image issues for years, I started using photography as a means of self-acceptance. When
I began to embrace my own faults and insecurities, it allowed me to see past other people's perceived 'flaws', enabling me to view all people as the unique and beautiful individuals they are. When I combined my desire to create meaningful art with the passion for embracing the human body, my boudoir photography was born.
Currently, only one of our packages comes with make-up. Don't want that package? Never fear, you can add it to our middle package or you are welcome to get professional services before your session, do it yourself, or skip it and show off your natural beauty! Our mission is to celebrate you as the kick ass woman you are, so any hair or make-up you get done should highlight your assets, but still keep you looking like your gorgeous self! During your session, whether it be a 30 minute session or the full 90 mins, I will help you relax and get rid of any last minute nerves by playing music that you like, providing you with fun conversation, and keep you smiling.

This Could Be You

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